2020 Holiday Notice For The Chinese New Year

Dear Friend, Here is the 2020 holiday notice. We are still on our vocation and now we are facing the 2019-nCoV. It is not a good news.


Even though our city is not the main virtus city, we can’t take it lightly. Because the virtus’s infectiousness is very strong. Therefore our government request us don’t go out as usual, also we can’t go back to work as our plan. All these action will protect us in a safe environment maximum.


As the government requirment, we will go back to work on 10th February as plan . I hope all virtus crisis will go away at the time, then we can back to work again as schedule!


Once we go back to work, we will start the production.
At this time, you can communicate with us for the futher order.


Hope all of us in safe and healthy!


Best regards
JYM Pillow


Welcome to contact us for the new products.

2020 Holiday Notice

2020 Holiday Notice

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