JYM Pillow is a manufacturer of CFC No Odor Memory Foam Products. We can provide:

  1. Bed Pillow
  2. Baby Pillow
  3. Travel Pillow
  4. Car Neck Pillow
  5. Lumbar Cushion
  6. Seat Cushion
  7. Customized Memory Foam Products

We have over 300 models including 180 models custom-made for our guests.
Welcome to contact us for OEM service.

Over the past 10 years, our experienced and knowledgeable team has provided a range of memory foam products. Our products are applied in home textile, car inner accessories, medical, infant, travel, etc. We won the reputation as one of the industry’s leading memory foam experts. Now with 2000 square meter CFC Foaming Center, our output is 3000 pieces semi-product per day.

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memory foam products factory
memory foam products

At JYM Pillow we provide every product with one objective – achieving the best quality with the economic cost for our customers at every step of the process while meeting or exceeding all quality, production scheduling and shipment scheduling and use requirements.

Learn more about our place in the foam industry as a foam maker. Cooperating with JYM Pillow, you can gain competitive advantages, including:

One Step Integrated Services

Eliminate multiple sources inefficiencies via our extensive in-house capabilities. Integrated with designing, molding, cutting, foaming, fabric cover designing, sample making, sewing, filling, shipping service. Place order with us, you just seat in office and waiting for excellent goods that bring us profit.


Reputation as an industry leader in knowledge of CFC memory foam applications and no odor no toxic memory foam pillows.


Expansive Memory Foam Inventory

One of the largest and most diverse memory foam inventories in the Guangdong province, China. Over one hundred thousand dollars of memory foam semi-finished products in stock. We ensure instant customization availability, optimal selection and cost competitive pricing.

99%+ On-Time shipping Rate

Plus one week or less turnaround for form solutions from stock foam, 24-hour emergency service.


Commitment To Quality

State of the CFC foaming fabrication equipment, statistical process controls, professional sew technology and assembly line. The reject rate is less than 0.1%.

We have

  1. 2,000 square meter CFC foaming fabrication
  2. Advanced Packaging Concepts (APC) Division
  3. Warehouse and Market Operate Center (MOC) now is about 900 square meter
no odor memory foam products


JYM Pillow

Tell us your needs and target price.
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