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The Important Knowledge Of Baby Pillow

In this article, JYM Pillow will show you how to choose a perfect baby pillow and how to clean the baby pillow. Also, you can learn how dirty the pillow is if you don’t clean the pillow in time.

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Here are the contents of this article.

1. What’s the baby pillow?

2. The importance of the baby pillow

3. How to choose a good baby pillow?

4. It’s dangerous for the baby to sleep in a dirty pillow

5. How to clean the baby pillow?


1. What’s the baby pillow?

Baby pillows generally refer to the pillows used by babies from birth to 3 years old. At this stage, the choice of pillow is not related to intellectual development, but to the baby’s safety, health, and growth.

The main function of the baby pillow is to prevent the baby’s head from turning, and not to pressure the baby’s cervical vertebra. The neck of the newborn is flat and straight. So, the baby pillow must have a groove fit for baby’s head.

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2. The importance of the baby pillow

Before the baby is half-year old, it is an important stage of head development. If the baby’s head can not be treated properly, it will have a great impact on the baby’s head blood circulation, which is not conducive to the baby’s growth and development. At the same time, it will also affect the physiological function of the head and neck, and may also cause malformation of the baby’s head. Choosing a good baby pillow not only plays a good role in protecting the baby’s cervical spine but also plays a role in shaping the baby’s head.

The baby pillow has good protection for the baby’s head and neck. Because the newborn’s neck is straight, the pillow is pressed against the baby’s cervical vertebra. The baby pillow has a pit, which is especially suitable for the baby. It can also effectively prevent the baby’s head from turning back and forth, giving no pressure on the baby cervical vertebrae, which is good for the growth and development as well as blood circulation of the head. The most important role of this pillow is to prevent the baby from the flat head syndrome. It also has a significant effect on correcting the baby’s head and flat head. It is made from a specially shaped sponge that provides a full range of support depending on the ergonomic design of the child.

Therefore, choosing a good baby pillow for your baby has a very important impact on your child’s skull development and cervical spine development. Parents should choose baby pillows carefully.


3. How to choose a good baby pillow?


The main factor that affects your baby’s safety is the softness of the pillow. A too soft pillow can cause a baby to sink into the pillow and even cause choking. We often heard the news of infant suffocation death. Although the probability of asphyxia occurrence is very low, only a few parts per million, it is still too high for your baby. We want to make sure that it’s 100% safety. Some mothers think that a baby’s mattress and head pillow should be hard which is suitable for baby’s bone development. In fact, it is not correct. The pillow with too hard material is easy to cause neck stiffness. The baby skull is softer, fontanel and skull are not closed completely. Using the hard pillow for a long time, the baby will have head deformation which affects appearance.

Therefore, choosing a breathable pillow, neither too hard nor too soft, is the premise that assures babies’ safety.



What can affect a baby’s health? They are dust mites and various allergic source. Generally, only high temperature and freezing can kill mites. But after the death of mite, a large number of mite droppings will still be stranded in the pillowcase and core. It will bring great hidden danger to the health of the baby. The dust mites can cause repeated infection of the respiratory tract, symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, runny nose. Also, they can cause the baby allergies and eczema break out repeatedly. This all stems from the pillowcase and filling core which are not clean enough. Although exposure and flap can to get rid of some of the mites, only the high-temperature cleaning and soaking can thoroughly remove mites and feces from the pillow.

To give your baby a healthy ecological environment, it is necessary to choose a pillow that can be removed and washed.



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The color of the pillow has a lot to do with babies’ sleep. If the color of the pillow is soothing, baby sleep better. While the pillowcase’s color is too bright, it easily affects sleep. Pink makes the person warm. Cherry red makes person tender. Pale blue makes people calming. Lighter and softer color can be as a choice.

To sum up, if the choice is the white and light color, it can help to sleep. Another useful function is that we can distinguish the baby’s health through liquid secretion from the baby on the pillowcase.



The pure cotton cloth is better for the skin of the baby. It has good air permeability, good moisture absorption, and is light and comfortable. Babies have a high metabolism so that their face and head sweat frequently. In the sleeping, sweat often wet the pillow. Fluid and children’s dandruff mixed together which may cause bacteria and viruses attached to the surface of the pillowcase. Therefore, it is very easy to lead to eczema and facial infection. So the mothers should wash pillowcase frequently to ensure the baby pillowcase clean. And the color selection is recommended for light and white. Recently, JYM has used a natural fabric – Modal. Take the wood pulp of natural bush as raw material and then made by a special spinning process. Moisture absorption capacity is 50% higher than cotton fiber. The burnish and hand feeling like silk. Meet ECO-TEX standard.


Pillow core

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Pillow core should be soft, breathable and hygroscopic. Traditional pillows are prone to germinate bacteria and create noise. They are arbitrary in height, and can’t provide proper support. Buckwheat husks, cassia seeds, mung bean pillow is too hard. They may lead to the children flat head, facial imbalance, and even rub off the baby’s hair. And the down pillow is too soft which can make the risk of neonatal asphyxia increases greatly. In addition, most of the latex and memory foam on market is unsafe, too. Some product contains chemical odor which can cause asthma and other respiratory tract diseases possibly.

Different from other manufacturers, JYM applies advanced CFC technology into our production line. Our memory foam is no odor and skin friendly without toxic additives. A comfortable healthy pillow can improve the quality of sleep.



Pediatricians recommend that babies of different ages use pillows at different heights.

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Less than three months old

The baby less than three months don’t need to use a head pillow. Because the newborn spine is basically in a straight line. While the head is bigger which is as wide as the shoulder. Also, the newborn’s head is backward. When lying down on a pillow, because after the prominent head and shoulders flat, they will bend the neck. The pharynx and larynx of respiratory tract and trachea are located in cervical. Excessive bending like a rubber hose can make the respiratory tract inside becomes narrow. Increase airflow resistance while the newborn is breathing which can lead to more difficult to breathe. If a newborn is given to using a pillow, it will actually cause pressure on their neck. Affect the newborn’s breathing as well as the blood circulation in its head.

But due to the newborn stomach is in the horizontal position. Gastric smooth muscle development is not perfect which cause them to easily vomit. In order to prevent them to spit milk, it is ok to give them a one-centimeter appropriative pillow. But we can not use the common pillow, because the height of the general pillow is at least 3cm above. The high pillow has a great negative impact on the growth and development of newborn babies.


Over three months old

They can choose the pillow that height is 1 centimeter or pillow towel. We should count the pillow height while the baby lying down the pillow. Most babies can control their head at the age of three months when the curvature of the spine (cervical flexure) is formed. It’s the proper time to consider a baby pillow. The pillow with proper height can maintain the normal curvature of the spine.


Over six months old

The right height is 1-3 centimeters. The second physiological curvature of the spine (thoracic curve) is slowly forming at the same time. Compare with before, they need to increase the height of the pillow gradually according to their circumstance.


After the age of one

The toddler pillow height is in 3-4 centimeters. After a year old, Babies can basically walk on their own. The 3rd physiological curvature of the spine (lumbar curve) form, at this time the autonomy of the baby is raised. Baby need not only the comfort of the pillow, but also the reasonable height.


After the age of three

The height is in 5-6 centimeters. The mother should choose a soft, portable and breathable pillow which have a good hygroscopicity.


It looks complex for parents to choose a perfect pillow for their babies. In fact, we just need to master a useful principle. When the baby is using a pillow, their head and body basically are in the same straight line.


4. It’s dangerous for the baby to sleep in a dirty pillow

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According to the scientist statistic, the mite bug and bacterium amount in a pillow, used for a month, already amounted to millions. After 3 months, the mite bug and bacterium content can rise by 30%! Six months later, it was up 50%. Even in a neat family, the mite bug number on each bed is over 15 million. Also, the mite bug number on pillow core is about 6 million. These mite bugs which are much smaller than 1mm are the most direct allergic source. The study found that there are many babies have varying degrees of eczema. 60% of which are caused by mites bug. According to statistics, about 90% of children’s asthma is caused by dust mite.


Babies under the age of 1 mostly sleep 16-20 hours a day. Babies spend most of their times in close contact with pillows. Sometimes you can see the baby often itching on their body with the inexplicable red rash. Rhinitis and eczema are always recurring. The culprit is mites.


Because the baby grows fastly. The head sweat more. Also, the baby often flows saliva. Sweat and saliva seep into the pillow. The dirt on the scalp and milk stains are easy to remain on the pillow. More seriously, some seep deeply into the pillow core so that it will breed a large number of bacteria and mites. Cause many kinds of skin diseases. Clinically, allergy caused by mites can lead to respiratory tract infection, cough, and rhinorrhea.


Would you like to let your baby sleep with millions of mites every day? Obviously, no. The importance we should do is to clean the pillow on time.


5. How to clean the baby pillow?

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How can we do to remove the dust mites from pillows? The strategy that removes mite is to wash frequently, change frequently, bask frequently.


Anti-mite strategy 1:

High-temperature cleaning and exposure to the sun

Soak in hot water for 5 minutes to remove most allergens. Rinse once a month is recommended.

Generally speaking, after 10 minutes insolation, the mite bug is able to die. Scientists suggest that the pillow should be insolated 2-3 hours twice a month. From 11 o ‘clock to 15 o ‘clock, the sun is at its strongest. Beat after basking in the sun, shake off the mite bug and its excrement.


Anti-mite strategy 2:

Low-temperature cleaning

JYM Pillow suggests that we wrap the pillow with a plastic bag and put in the freezer. Take it out after 12 hours or so. Low temperature can kill dust mite, prevent microbial reproduction and regeneration. The mortality rate of mite bug can amount to 70%. After then, we can insolate and pat it. It’s better for us to do this every one or two weeks.


Ultraviolet light and low temperature can kill bacteria. Besides living dust mite, the dust mite cadaver and their excrement can cause allergy. It can kill dust mites if exposure them to the sun or low-temperature area. But their bodies are still left on the pillow, babies still are allergic.


Therefore, insolate and low-temperature bactericidal methods can treat a symptom, but can’t solve the radical problem. To eliminate dust mite thoroughly, we should clean the pillow. But most of the pillow core cannot be washed. They need to sun exposure or ventilation regularly.


Most importantly, the baby’s pillow cannot be used for a long time without replacement. It is generally recommended that the baby pillow should be replaced once a year. Especially the baby who has respiratory diseases or allergic diseases, the frequency of replacement needs to be appropriately high. Don’t expect to use a pillow for years or decades.

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