2018 Newest Cool Gel Memory Foam Seat Cushion

2018 Patented Cool Gel Memory Foam Seat Cushion

With the coming of summer, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Everyone is trying to find a way to relieve the heat. Cool gel memory foam seat cushion is one of the indispensable items.


Most cool gel seat cushions are wrapped in velvet which greatly reduces the cooling function of gel. In order to make people sit comfortably and cool in the hot summer, JYM especially improved the cool gel memory foam seat cushion and designed a unique breathable polyester cover.

cool gel memory foam seat cushion

The material of the cover is a breathable 3D mesh polyester fabric with a hollow-out design in the middle so that the gel layer can be clearly seen. Our bodies are in close contact with the cool gel layer. The cool gel can play its role adequately and provide us with a better sense of coolness.


Here are the advantages of JYM newest cool gel memory foam cushion:

  1. The 3D mesh polyester cover is more breathable than the velvet
  2. The hollow-out design is cooler than the regular design
  3. Advanced CFC no odor memory foam
  4. The brand new cool gel layer
  5. Suitable for any seat or chair with adjustable strap

For more information, please go to the product page.


As we all know, JYM specializes in no odor memory foam products, including neck pillow, travel pillow, seat cushion, lumbar cushion and baby pillow. We will stand in the customer’s perspective, solve the customer’s needs, and continue to develop new products.


Hope we have the opportunity to expand the market together and create more suitable products for consumers to use!

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  1. BobbyFuple says:

    What’s the packaging method for this seat cushion?

    1. Betty Pan says:

      To answer your question, we post an article about packaging method. The most economical packaging method is compressed packaging. Hope this article can help you. The link is https://www.jympillow.com/memory-foam-pillow-packaging/
      Thank you.

  2. William says:

    more photos?

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