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Correct Sitting Posture Is Important For Us

In this article, you can learn about the correct sitting posture. Also, we will recommend our latest memory foam wedge cushion which is a good sitting posture corrector.


No matter how beautiful your chair is or how perfectly you sit, staying in the same position for long periods of time without rest can be bad for your health and your muscles.


Let’s have a look at some sitting posture.

sitting posture

1. Slouched Position

This posture can cause a curvature in the middle of the spine. The shoulders leaned forward which make the chest inward. This posture can lead to disc herniation, breathing problems, neck problems and more.


2. Hunched Forward

The curve of the upper back is so large that the neck suffers greatly. The neck is barely able to support the head, which can easily cause headaches and sore neck.


3. Upright 90° Position

This may seem like a good posture, but like standing at attention, it’s not a sustainable posture because it’s too demanding. People should focus themselves and push their shoulder back too far, which can compress the joints in the upper body. This not only causes muscle tension and fatigue but also makes the spine too straight. When we sit in a concentrated posture, the center of gravity is actually not on the ischium. This sitting position can also cause bone pain because it is actually sitting on the coccyx and putting pressure on it.


4. Correct Sitting Posture

This position allows the body to relax naturally with the head in line with the ischium (see figure 4). The spine is in a proper curve. The pelvis maintains neutral and the open chest allows for smooth breathing. It’s a position that can be maintained for a long time.

sit on your ischium

Sitting on your ischium is important for proper posture without back support. The ischium is located near the point of intersection between the hip and the back of the thigh (see above).

correct sitting posture

Please remember the most important is that you should sit on your ischium instead of the coccyx.

Here is a memory foam wedge cushion which can help you to sit on the ischium.


Maintain the correct sitting posture can help us to keep a delicate good shape. What’s more, people will seem very energetic. Conversely, If we slouch against the seat, it not only affect the growth of the spine but also produces a lot of internal loads.


What kind of damage we have if we don’t sit properly?

Here are some bad sitting posture effects.


Constipation & Acne

The incorrect posture can oppress viscera, affect blood circulation, reduce gastrointestinal function, and that lead to constipation. Toxin which can’t be reduced in time accumulates in the body. Also, the acne can appear in the corners of the mouth around.


Hands & Feet Cold

The spine not only supports the weight of the upper body but also acts as a conduit for autonomic nerves. If the sitting posture is not correct, it will compress the autonomic nerves, leading to disorders, cold hands and feet, insomnia, headache, fatigue, and other symptoms.


Out Of Breath

The spine is bent, pressing on the diaphragm in the body and making breathing shallow. As time goes, people may have cerebral anoxia and they are dizzy when they stand up suddenly.



Block up the lymphatic circulation of neck place, obstruct the excretion of the waste of the human body. Reduce metabolic efficiency which accumulates adipose and causes fat.


Face Edema

People with poor posture usually have weak or stiff muscles.


Double chin

Bad posture such as neck extension will affect the activities of the chin and blood circulation, easy to lead to the accumulation of waste around the chin, forming a double chin.


Bow Legs

Young people’s O leg is due to the not straight sitting posture, such as crossed legs, resulting in pelvic distortion.


Sitting in the wrong position have effects on our body. In daily life and office work, we must pay more attention in order to keep healthy. Here is an ergonomic memory foam wedge cushion which can help you to keep a correct sitting posture.


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