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Design Philosophy Of Curved Car Neck Pillow

In order to manufacture a useful car neck pillow, JYM has discussed with many retailers and end-customers. After that, the new curved car neck pillow has How do they make users more comfortable? Let me introduce the design philosophy of our curved car neck pillow.


Here are the photos of the difference between the normal one and our curved neck pillow.


Product Design

curved car neck pillow design

The New Design: There is a curve which can conform to the human curve. Wrap around your neck.

The Normal Design: It has a straight design. While drivers and passengers lean against the pillow, the contact surface is small.


The Direction Of The Supporting Force

direction of the supporting forceforce analysis

The New Curved Design: The force is biased toward the vertical direction. Different from the normal one, some of the supporting force is upward. The pillow can provide proper support to the neck. Also, it can provide more support to the head.

The Normal Design: The force is biased toward the horizontal plane. Apply the knowledge of force analysis, most of the supporting force is forward. The users can feel there is something push them forwards.

force analysis of head and neck

As we know, the human head has a certain weight – G(head). The neck needs to provide support to the head – F(neck). The headrest pillow provides more support for the head, the neck can provide less support for the head. Therefore, our neck can suffer less stress and feel more comfortable. That’s the reason why we create this curved car neck pillow.


Also, we can manufacture the products according to your design.

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