medium firm memory foam pillow

Extra Soft Memory Foam Pillow vs. Extra Firm Memory Foam Pillow

After a day’s high-intensity work, it is very nice for us to have a comfortable sleep. At this point, the pillow requirements are a little high. After all, an extra soft memory foam pillow or extra firm memory foam pillow is hard to sleep comfortably. Accordingly, choosing a medium firm memory foam pillow is especially important!

medium firm pillow

Extra Firm Memory Foam Pillow

The contact area of the pillow and head decreases while the pressure increases. You may feel the scalp is uncomfortable. And this is likely to make the compression of local nerve larger. In the next morning, the head, neck, back, arm, hand and other places will be numb or painful.


What’s more, the extra firm memory foam pillow is prone to snoring. It has poor elasticity. The pillow is not easy to conform to the human curve while the user sleeps on it. The pillow can let the neck bend and make the Angle of respiratory tract changes. The poor breathing will aggravate the degree of snore.


Extra Soft Memory Foam Pillow

The contact area of the pillow and head increases. The compression area of the scalp is large which is not conducive to blood circulation. At the same time, there is also the problem of poor breathability, which can not ensure the adequate breathing of the skin during sleep. What’s more, pillows are difficult to maintain a certain height. It can cause excessive fatigue of neck muscle and affect the patency of breath, go against sleep.


Medium Firm Memory Foam Pillow Is Better

Pillows should be a little soft but not rigid. Reduce the pressure on the scalp. It also maintains uneven pressure, allowing blood to flow through places with less pressure. The amount of pillow filling should be appropriate in order to maintain a certain degree of hardness and elasticity. A good pillow should be able to accept the weight of human body head equably. It would be nice if people could adjust the height and firmness of their pillows.

extra firm memory foam pillow

JYM Pillow produces medium firm memory foam pillow. Also, we can manufacture extra soft memory foam pillow and extra firm memory foam pillow. We contacted many distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and experts in the sleep industry. Through communication, we learned that what terminal consumers really like is the medium firm memory foam pillow.


At present, the shredded memory foam pillow is selling well all over the world. The shredded memory foam pillows on Amazon and eBay have received a lot of good reviews. Because the users can adjust the filling amount of blended memory foam according to their requirements. So as to change the height and hardness of the pillow. It’s a suitable sleeping pillow for most people.


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