Importance of Car Seat Neck Support Pillow

car seat neck support pillow

JYM Car Seat Neck Support Pillow -QFC012

A neck support pillow in the car seat is not only a car decoration but also a protection for your neck and head. Let’s know more about the importance of car seat neck support pillow.


Relieve Neck Pain While Driving

car seat neck support pillow

During a long time in a car, drivers and passengers often feel neck pain. Because they usually maintain one posture, especially the drivers. Their neck vertebrae suffer from stress and can’t get effective support. As time passes, It’s easy to feel the neck discomfort.

According to statistics, 70% of drivers suffer from cervical spondylosis. So it is very important for people to use car seat neck support pillow. It can effectively relieve the pressure on the neck to prevent cervical vertebra disease.

Protect Your Neck In The Car Accident

Car Seat Neck Support Pillow

Even if the speed is only 10km/h, the driver and passenger’s neck is easily injured without the protection of car seat neck support pillow. According to the relevant department statistics, neck sprain is one of the most common injuries in the car accident.

Data show that in 26% of the rear-end collision, the driver’s head or neck will be damaged. In the same condition, driver’s neck pain is reduced by 40% if they use the car neck support pillow correctly. The probability of neck injury of driving personnel can be reduced by 24%. If people use the premium quality car head pillow instead of inferior car head pillow.

In the event of a traffic accident, the tremendous impact of the collision is squeezed on the human body, especially the fragile neck. Therefore, the spine is likely to be injured, even cause neurological problems caused paralysis and life-threatening. With the protection of car head pillow, it can effectively buffer the huge instantaneous impact when the accident occurred, so as to protect the fragile neck, reduce the risk of injury to the neck.

In the next article, we will talk about how to use the car seat neck support pillow and what we should note.

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