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JYM: Memory Foam Bed Pillow Whole Seller

JYM Pillow’s a memory foam bed pillow whole seller and manufacturer. We provide top quality CFC no odor memory foam bed pillows, keep stock bed pillow for prompt sample checking and shipment for connected bed pillow whole sellers, distributors, trade mark agents.

We have been providing memory foam bed pillows as whole seller for years, and our customers are as below but no limited below:

1. home textile retail shops

Home Textile Shop

2.super markets

3.trading companies,

4.export companies.

5.online retailers.

However, we don’t sell to end users directly.

Located in a beautiful town in Nanhai District, Foshan city, we are just 1 hour driving from Baiyun Air Port, Guangzhou city. Welcome to visit our bed pillows factory and office! Welcome to contact us for the newest memory foam bed pillow whole seller catalogue and whole sale price, too!

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