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Why Do We Use Magnetic Therapy Cloth In Our Products?

As you know, we have launched a new memory foam travel pillow. Different from the other travel pillows, the pillowcase of this pillow is made of Magnetic Therapy Cloth. It not only has a nice appearance but also have a healthy function. In this article, let me introduce why do we use Magnetic Therapy Cloth in our products.

This travel pillow is a magnetic therapy product.

Here are the contents of this article:

  1. What’s Magnetic Therapy Cloth?
  2. What Is Magnetism?
  3. How Does Magnetism Work On The Human Body
  4. Consequences Of Magnetic Deficiency
  5. The Development Of Modern Society Leads To A Lack Of Magnetism
  6. Magnetic Therapy Is Good For The Human Body


  1. What’s Magnetic Therapy Cloth?

JYM use Magnetic Therapy Cloth in our travel pillow.Magnetic therapy cloth can simulate the earth magnetic field which create a natural and uniform magnetic field environment for users. It can enhance human function and immunity. It is soft, breathable and comfortable. The users just wear it to enjoy magnetic therapy.


In the spinning process of synthetic fiber, permanent magnetic particles are evenly implanted into the fiber. Therefore, the magnetic therapy cloth which is resistant to washing and friction is a permanent magnetic therapy product.


The magnetic strength of magnetic fiber products is generally expressed as magnetic flux in milliweber(mVb). The average magnetic flux of magnetic fiber fabrics used by our company is greater than 0.35 milliweber. The N and S poles of magnetic particles in the product are disordered in the fabric. Some parts are superimposed on the same pole, resulting in magnetic enhancement. Some parts are superimposed on the heteropolar, resulting in magnetic weakening. The magnetic flux of different points on the fabric was different. Magnetism can change according to cloth flatten and crease. Thus playing a good role in alternating physiotherapy stimulation. Its magnetic field line can penetrate the 3cm insulator and the magnetic flux attenuates by less than half. The penetration depth of the human body is greater than 1cm, and the magnetic therapy effect is obvious.


  1. What Is Magnetism?

The earth is a huge magnetic field.Like air, water, and sunshine, magnetism is indispensable to human life. Scientists have found that the earth is a huge magnetic field which has the north pole and south pole. It constantly issues a strong magnetic force. The magnetic field on the ground is about 0.5 gauss per square meter. This natural magnetic field can affect human development and physical health.


Human beings have lived in the geomagnetic field of 0.35~0.7 gauss for generations. Accordingly, humans also form their own biological magnetic fields. According to the assay, the magnetic force of the human bosom is 1 microgauss. It is equivalent to one millionth the strength of the geomagnetic intensity. Human heart, lung, brain, muscle, and nerve have the weak magnetic force with unequal intensity. The study found that the activity of human cells is also affected by geomagnetism. The new cells are round and have the most magnetic content. Aging cells are triangular and have the least magnetic content.


Just like sunshine, air, and water, geomagnetism is also an indispensable material factor for human beings. That is, the normal human life must rely on a stable magnetic field environment.


  1. How Does Magnetism Work On The Human Body

How Does Magnetism Work On The Human Body

When we apply magnetism to the human body, we induce electricity by electromagnetic induction. This electrical energy creates an electric current in the blood, which increases the number of ions in the blood, thereby deepening their effect on the autonomic nerve. If the balance of the autonomic nervous system changes, it can promote blood circulation.


The improvement of blood circulation can provide sufficient oxygen for human tissues, and constantly excrete waste materials from the body. Improve metabolism, eliminate muscle pain, and help alleviate fatigue.


For example, shoulder acidification is caused by insufficient oxygen due to poor blood circulation of muscles. Waste materials such as lactic acid, known as “fatigue material”, are deposited and the cell tissue is in a tight state. If the blood circulation is good, it can provide adequate oxygen, smoothly discharge waste, eliminate shoulder pain.


  1. Consequences Of Magnetic Deficiency

Consequences Of Magnetic Deficiency

Although human beings live in the geomagnetic field, we cannot see, touch or smell it. If the magnetic field once changes, it will have a great impact on human health. If magnetic field direction and magnetic force in some area suddenly irregular change. Therefore, the morbidity of this area and mortality can increase apparently.


Data show that the incidence of acute heart disease in an area of India is directly proportional to changes in the geomagnetic field.

In Rio DE Janeiro, Brazil, where the magnetic field is low, children are shorter than the Americans of the same age.

Rwanda in Africa has a high magnetic intensity, where the height of men is higher than that of European men.

The water source of the Hunza region in Pakistan has high magnetic content, which makes it a natural magnetized water source. There are many centenarians.

In areas with magnetic anomalies, the incidence of hypertension is higher. For example, the incidence of hypertension in local magnetic anomalies caused by magnetic disks in Kursk, Russia is 125%~160% higher than that in normal magnetic fields.

In China, the incidence of coronary heart disease is significantly higher in the north of the Yellow River in East Asia than in the south.


  1. The Development Of Modern Society Leads To A Lack Of Magnetism

Development Of Modern Society

The geomagnetic intensity is decreasing sharply. Especially in recent years, the economy develops rapidly. There are many high buildings, cars, pipes, wires as dense as the network. Many magnetic shield spaces are formed which can block or weaken the natural magnetic field, resulting in the lack of human magnetic force. Research shows that in high-rise apartments, elevators or cars, the magnetic intensity decreases by about 40% to 50%. The magnetic field in our living space is greatly reduced, which makes people prone to “magnetic hunger”. Clinical manifestations: an intractable headache, insomnia, fatigue, diarrhea, dermatitis and joint pain.

In this case, there are more and more magnetic pain relief products on the market.


  1. Magnetic Therapy Is Good For The Human Body

Magnetic Therapy Is Good For The Human Body

Magnetic therapy, set the magnetic field on the human meridian acupoints, to treat the diseases. In 450 AD, there was a report on the treatment of gout with a magnet in Greece. After the 16th century, a variety of magnetic therapy devices appeared successively. In the 1950s, magnetic antihypertensive belts were popular for the treatment of hypertension and neurasthenia.


Chinese medicine experts believe that after the injury to the human body, the blood doesn’t run smoothly. We can adjust the Magnetic Field to dredge the channel and flow blood around the body.


From the point of western medicine, magnetic therapy can produce the biological effect and therapeutic effect through the influence of the magnetic field on the distribution of biological current. The movement state of electric charge and the magnetic distance orientation of biomolecule in the body.


Therefore, magnetic therapy is to put the magnetic on the meridian. In order to adjust the biological electromagnetic balance of the body. In this way, it plays a role in the treatment of diseases.


To sum up, magnetic therapy has the following functions:

  1. Promote blood circulation
  2. Reduce blood lipid and blood viscosity
  3. Anti-inflammatory, analgesic
  4. Swelling, calm
  5. Balance endocrine
  6. Improve sleep and eliminate fatigue
  7. Increase oxyhemoglobin saturation
  8. Antidiarrheal
  9. Adjust blood pressure
  10. Delay aging


After reading the above knowledge, you can learn the reason why we use Magnetic Therapy Cloth in our memory foam travel neck pillow. There is a magnetic field around your neck and help to promote blood circulation. No matter you are in a car seat, airplane seat, office chair or sofa, the travel pillow is good for your health.

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