How To Make A Travel Pillow

JYM Pillow is a manufacturer of memory foam travel pillow. We can make a new product according to your requirement. In this article, you can know how to make travel pillow. Welcome to contact us to DIY travel pillow.


make travel pillow

This is Ken, JYM Pillow’s director, who is good at creating a new product. He will show you how do we create a new model of a travel pillow.


raw material

The raw material we used is yellow plaster powder and white plaster powder.



The tools are small dish, stir bar, small knife, cutter, abrasive paper.


add water

1: Mix the yellow plaster powder and white plaster powder in a small dish. We have to mix them in a certain proportion. Put some water into the plaster powder.


2: Stir the plaster powder to be the plaster slurry.


spackle the plaster slurry

3: Spackle the plaster slurry where it needs to be modified.


modify travel pillow

4: After about 5 minutes, the plaster slurry is solidified. We can the small knife to modify the model according to our requirement.


polish the model surface

5: After we modify the travel pillow model, we can use the abrasive paper to polish the model surface.

In this step, the model can be smooth.


travel pillow mold  travel pillow mould

While the travel pillow model is modified, we can create a foaming mold according to its shape.

After that, the new travel pillows come out in mass production.


Do you have your own design of the pillow? JYM Pillow has experience in creating and design new products.

Welcome to contact us for the new products.

DIY Travel Pillow

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