Memory Foam Car Lumbar Support Pillow Container Loading On the Scene


Clients from Middle East Placed an order of memory foam car lumbar support pillow to JYM Pillow factory, total more than 15000 pieces after a long negociation after the exhibition at Shanghai. We ship the first batch out today. All of us tire but excited!


A brand new green truck comes and brings a 40 feet container. It is space contains 68CBM.

All the cartons are marked, record and loaded carefully.


By yesterday our warehouse is full, but memory foam raw material is coming every day to join so we have to ship out the orders as soon as possible.

After this shipment, we will redesign and enlarge our warehouse. By the end of July, JYM pillow’s warehouse efficiency will go up by 3 times and we will be able to load 1 container every two days. JYM pillow’s warehouse will be able to accommodate 4 20 feet containers at the same time.





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