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What’s The Most Economical Memory Foam Pillow Packaging?

What’s The Most Economical Memory Foam Pillow Packaging?

In this article, you can know 3 kinds of popular packaging method on the market. JYM Pillow, an experienced memory foam products manufacturer, can tell you what’s the most economical memory foam pillow packaging.


Packaging Option 1: Non-woven handbag

Many sellers on Amazon and eBay may use this packaging for the memory foam pillow and back cushion.

back cushion packaging non-woven bag packaging

For customers: They will be happy when they receive the items. Because the packaging has a nice appearance.

For sellers: It’s not the safest packaging. The items will be damaged easily during the transportation. The refund rate will increase.

Even though the cost of the non-woven bag is cheap, the item safety and refund rate are what we should concern about.


Packaging Option 2: Colorful Carton

In our country, many customers choose this packaging. It’s a luxury and safe packing.

colorful carton packaging

For customers: They can send the item with packaging to their friends as a gift.

For Seller: The advantage is you can customize the brand logo and slogan onto the carton. But the cost of the carton is very expensive now. Also, the shipping cost is high due to the packaging size.

Therefore, It’s not the most economical packaging.


Packaging Option 3: Compressed Bag + Carry Bag

It’s the most economical packaging although you should pay a little money for the packaging.

memory foam pillow packaging

  1. It’s safe. The pillow is in a durable PPE bag with less air. Reduce the refund rate.
  2. The dimension of packaging is very small. When consumers receive the item, they must be surprised by the exquisite packing. Increase 5-star customer reviews.
  3. You can save much cost for the international shipping Cost, Storage Fee, and the local shipping cost.

Let’s have a look at How Do We Pack The Leg Positioner Pillow.


In our experience, more and more clients ask for compressed packaging for their memory foam products now. JYM can customize the proper packaging size for your product. Print your brand logo or slogan onto the bag. Help you save more and earn more in your business.

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