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Learn Some Technology About Memory Foam Production

JYM insists on manufacturing no odor memory foam products to our business partners and customers. Also, we keep sharing more professional knowledge with you. Let’s learn some technology about memory foam production.


There are three technologies for manufacturing memory foam pillow.

  1. Reaction Injection Mold (RIM)
  2. Die cutting
  3. Shredded foam filling


Reaction Injection Mold (RIM)

Reaction Injection Mold

Polyurethane foam, water and a number of chemicals are combined and poured into aluminum molds. They react a certain way to create a foam according to the shape of the mold. Molded memory foam is more popular in the market because of the small and uniform bubble, long service time, slow rebound and high density.

RIM is the best production technology for manufacturing memory foam.

In this way, clients can customize the shape of pillows. JYM has the ability to produce a mold as your requirement. Here are some molded memory foam pillow for your reference.

If you have your own design, welcome to contact us.


Die cutting memory foam

Die cutting

Put sheets of memory foam under the die cutting tools. They will be carved up into requested shape. It’s the cheapest production technology which is fast and easy to operate. But the quality and service time of die-cutting memory foam is far behind to molded memory foam. Also, the uneven surface may cause customers’ dissatisfaction.

Die cutting technology is usually used in manufacturing memory foam mattresses.






Shredded Foam Filling

There are many pieces of shredded memory foam during the die cutting production line. Some manufacturers will collect the shredded memory foam and fill them into the pillowcase. It’s the most convenient and economical production technology for manufacturing memory foam pillows.

To manufacture the more premium shredded memory foam pillows, JYM can shred molded memory foam into shredded memory foam. So our business partner can get more benefits from the premium products. For more details, please check our shredded memory foam pillow – QFC007.

Shredded Memory Foam Filling


To sum up, Reaction Injection Mold (RIM) is the most popular production technology in the market. Manufacturers who apply RIM can get more good feedback from their customers, so do we.


Now you learn something about memory foam. You can share this article to your customers, friends and someone you care about.



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