Memory Foam Turn Yellow

Why Do Memory Foam Turn Yellow?

The yellowing of memory foam is a problem that has been troubling memory foam and polyol manufacturer for a long time. Many manufacturers, especially some high-end memory foam manufacturers, have tried to add antioxidants and light stabilizers to avoid the memory foam turn yellow. However, the effect is not significant.

Ciba Specialty Chemicals, as the most famous supplier of antioxidant additives, has developed IRGASTAB® Antioxidant Additives. Its revolutionary product, IRGASTAB® PUR 68, provides a set of solution for memory foam yellowing fundamentally.

memory foam yellowing

4 reasons why memory foam turn yellow.

  1. During the foaming production, the high temperature leads to the memory foam yellowing.
  2. The memory foam exposure to the air and contact with Nox.
  3. Fabric contamination
  4. The memory foam contact with ultraviolet ray


The discoloration is directly related to antioxidants.

In other words, the antioxidants not only has a positive inhibitory effect but also a negative effect.

Positive Effect: During the foaming/processing production, the antioxidants can prevent the memory foam from turning yellow.

Negative effect: Amine antioxidant can promote the yellowing while they contact with Nox or Ultraviolet Ray. Also, BHT antioxidants can lead to fabric contamination.


Usually, Polyol manufacturers add some antioxidants to polyols in order to make sure the foaming production is safe. At present, many manufacturers in China adopt BHT Antioxidants and Amine Antioxidant. While the famous International Polyol Manufacturers adopt hindered phenol antioxidants and amine antioxidants, like Ciba’s IRGANOX® 1135 and IRGANOX® 5057.


As a manufacturer of memory foam, they usually consider the safety, cost and foaming performance when they purchase the polyol from their supplier. Most of them don’t think about the antioxidants which can affect the yellowing of memory foam. This is an important factor which is ignored by the manufacturer.

memory foam discoloration

How to improve the ability to prevent yellowing?

  1. Adopt the high-performance Polyether Polyol without BHT and amine antioxidants. Ciba’s new product, IRGASTAB® PUR 68, is a good choice.
  2. In order to improve the characteristic of anti-yellowing, 1%-3% IRGASTAB® PUR 68 and 1.5%-3% TINUVIN® B 83 should be used into the foaming line.


JYM Pillow is a manufacturer of memory foam pillow. We apply advanced CFC foaming technology and adopt eco-friendly raw material into our production line. That’s the reason why we can provide slow rebound no odor memory foam with long service time.

You can customize the model you need. JYM Pillow has the ability to create a new product according to your requirement.


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