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Test Report On Moisture Absorption Of Modal Fabric

Recently, JYM Pillow sent the modal fabric, used in our baby pillowcases, to a third-party testing agency, SGS, to test the moisture absorption of the fabric. At the same time, we sent the pure cotton fabric to them. The purpose of testing is to compare the moisture absorption ability of the two kinds of cloth.


The test report number of modal cloth is SL918193066777TX. And the test report number of pure cotton cloth is SL918193066753TX.

test report of modal fabric  test report of pure cotton fabric

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The test is based on GB/T 21655 “Evaluation Of Moisture Absorption And Quick Drying Of Textiles” which is jointly issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China and the Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China. It contains the test method and evaluation index of moisture absorption and is applicable to all kinds of textiles and their products.


The following are the definitions and methods of testing standards


Definition Of Water Absorption

Percentage of the water absorbed by the sample to the original mass of the sample when the sample is completely soaked in water and removed without dripping.


Equipment, Materials, And Reagents Required For Testing

1. Electronic scale, weighing accuracy is 0.001g

2. Test platform: made of non-absorbent materials (plastic board, glass board, etc.), with the smooth surface

3. Burette (1mL)

4. Sample suspension device

5. The capillary effect test device

6. Grade III water according to GB/T 6682 standard

7. Timer: the dividing degree is 0.1s


The Standard Atmosphere For Moisture Control And Testing

1. The standard atmosphere specified in GB 6529 shall be adopted for debugging and testing.

2. Before the test, the sample should keep moisture balance in a relaxed state. The methods and requirements for moisture control are in accordance with GB 6529. Generally, the humidity shall be adjusted for more than 16h, and the synthetic fiber sample shall be at least 2h. The samples with common moisture regain of 0 don’t need moisture regulation.


Test Procedure

1. Take 5 samples from each sample. The size of each sample should be at least 10*10cm.

2. Place the sample in the atmosphere to lower the moisture balance.

3. Weigh the original quality of the sample, accurate to 0.001g.

4. Put the sample into a container containing Grade III water, and the sample will naturally sink after washing. If the sample cannot sink naturally, it can be raised up and pressed into the water for 2-3 times.

5. Completely soak the sample in water for 5min before removing it. Hanging vertically, the water in the sample drops naturally.

6. Pay attention to the observation. When the sample no longer drips, immediately take out the sample with tweezers and weigh the mass, with an accurate value of 0.001g. Note: when the time interval between two drops of water is not less than 30s, the sample will be deemed not to drip anymore.

7. Calculate the water absorption rate of each sample according to the following formula.

    A = (m – m0)/m0 * 100

    A: moisture absorption rate, expressed in percentage (%);

    M0: the original mass of the sample, in grams (g);

    M: the mass of sample after soaking and dripping, in grams (g).

The result is the average water absorption rate of the five samples before and after washing. It was revised to about 1%.


The Standard Of The Test Result

Project Technical requirements for knitting products Technical requirements for woven products
Hygroscopicity Water absorption / (%) ≥200 ≥100
Drip diffusion time / (s) ≤3 ≤5
Wicking height / (mm) ≥100 ≥90
Quick-drying performance Evaporation rate / (g/h) ≥0.18 ≥0.18
Amount of water vapor transmission /[g/(m2·d)] ≥10 000 ≥8 000


Here are the two fabrics used in the test

modal fabric

modal fabric


pure cotton fabric

pure cotton fabric


The Test Result Of Modal Fabric

Test items and test methods Test Result
Water absorption/%

(GB/T 21655.1-2008 8.1 5A,

40℃, oven dry)

Before Washing 307
After Washing 5 Times 329


The Test Result Of Pure Cotton Fabric

Test items and test methods Test Result
Water absorption/%

(GB/T 21655.1-2008 8.1 5A,

40℃, oven dry)

Before Washing 182
After Washing 5 Times 214


According to the test results, the water absorption rate of pure cotton cloth before washing is only 182%. After washing, the rate is 214%. The water absorption rate of Modal cloth before washing is 307%. And the water absorption rate after washing is up to 329%. It can be seen that the moisture absorption rate of modal cloth is 50% higher than that of pure cotton cloth.


JYM Pillow’s baby head pillow uses this modal fabric as the pillowcase. The purpose is to create a more comfortable and breathable environment for the baby. Even if your baby is sweating, drooling and spitting, the pillowcase made of modal fabric absorbs water and liquid more effectively and quickly, preventing the liquid from sticking to your baby.

baby head pillow with modal fabric pillowcase

Three colors optional. Sufficient stocks.

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