How to Take Care Memory Foam Pillow

Pillow Daily Care Instruction

 Memory Foam Pillow Daily Care Instruction

Memory Foam Pillow Daily Care Instruction

Memory Foam Pillow Daily Care Instruction


Pillow Daily Care Instruction is important. Many Memory Foam pillow sellers and users do not know how to do daily care instructions. It will bring some trouble on the memory foam pillow daily care. Here we will give you a simple care instruction for your memory foam pillow.

Memory foam pillows including three parts:

  1. Outer Cover,
  2. Inner cover (cheap quality ones without the inner cover),
  3. Memory foamInlay( most important part)


In normal, we use of air layer fabric to make the memory foam outer cover. This fabric including three layers: the surface, the middle layer, the bottom layer. The air layer fabric is soft, comfortable and subtle, so we must take special care when we washing the memory foam outer cover.

So, To keep the outer cover in good status, extend the life of the pillow, we must do as follows:

  1. 1. Washing the outer cover by hand
  2. 2.Washing the outer cover independently to prevent color pollution
  3. 3.Dry the outer cover naturally(Dehydrator is not allowed)


There are two type Memory Foam Pillow inner filling,

  1. molding memory foam
  2. Velvet(shredded)memory foam.

No matter which type memory foam pillow, Please dry the memory foam filling material under the sunshade.  The inner filling material is not allowed to wash, not allowed to be exposed to the sun directly. Otherwise, it will reduce the pillow’s comfortable feeling and shorten the pillow’s life


These are Memory Foam Pillow Daily Care Instructions.Also can be used in other memory foam items ( memory foam travel pillow, memory foam cushions &pads etc). After we buy a memory foam pillow, please make sure to do wash them on time, dry and other related maintenance, so they can maintain a comfortable status, and also extend its life.

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