Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion


  • Model: QFC002
  • Size: 45x28x12cm
  • Weight: 650g
  • Package: 45x30x15cm
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Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion

This memory foam lumbar support cushion can help relieve lower back pain. Promote good posture. Close to the back curve.

Bring your lower back muscle with intimate care.

Great Travel & Office Companion

Put you at ease while you are in long-time driving and office working.


Product Details

Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion

Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion


JYM memory Foam Advantages

Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion







1. No odor
2. Ultra comfort
3. Don’t go flat easily
4. Advanced CFC technology
5. Over 5-years service time




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Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion


Container Data

How many pieces can we load into a 20 feet container?

Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion

The answer is 7020. If we use compressed packing, we can load over 7000 pcs memory foam lumbar support cushions. After compression, each lumbar support cushion can be half compressed by size. We can save a lot of space and shipping cost. After we release the lumbar support, they will recover to original shape. JYM always provide top quality memory foam products!


Compressed packing can reduce memory foam cushion size by at least 50%.

What is compressed packing? Let’s tell you.

Take JYM’s memory foam bed pillow as an example, the pillow size is reduced at least in half after compressed packing.

Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion

The original packing size is 60X40X12CM.

The compressed packing size is 43X18X18CM.

As we can see, after compressed packing, the packing size has been greatly reduced. So the same carton can hold the double quantity.


JYM can make customized packing according to your request. Also, we try to save shipping cost for you.

With the premium quality product and customer service, hope we can build a long-term business relationship.

Contact us now.

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How to Indentify Memory Foam Quality?

3 Methods to Indentify the Quality of

Memory Foam Product

Since 1960’s, Tempur from USA brought memory foam into commercial field, memory foam product started from high end luxury product, slowly transforms in to mass consumer product, the price is more and more closer to ordinary people. Memory foam is widely used in mattresses, pillows, lumbar cushions, leg pads, shoe insole and so on. Among them bedding and car supplies are directly contact with skin, them are the most comfortable pads ever. When we are facing numerous price and quality choice, how can we indentify the quality of memory foam product do? Dremflavor summarizes 3 methods as below.

  1. Inspect
    Take memory foam lumbar cushion as example. Open the cushion case with zap, we can inspect the appearance of memory foam insert: it should smooth, soft. If we the insert if rough, with a lot of big bubble holes, the quality is not good. For the color the insert, it can be customized as yellow, black, red or any other color like normal foam. The natural color of memory foam insert should be white. After exposing in the open air, it will turn to yellow. Dremflavor’s memory foam lumbar cushion is with an anti-mite and moisture-proof inner cotton cushion case. Use a scissor to cut the case out so we can check out how it looks like.
  2. Touch
    Take memory foam pillow as an example. We touch the pillow at the first time, cross the pillow case and press the memory foam insert gently, our pawl will feel the slowly, soft rebound. A good memory foam pillow should be same feeling in whole like the rebound time, the hardness. If the rebound time, the hardness is not the same, we can judge it a low quality.Memory foam product should be viscoelastic. When we touch Dremflavor’s memory foam insert, we will find it sticky and not wet skin feeling. This is real memory foam. Some manufacturers want to save production cost, so they use too much talcum powder, and lost the viscoelastic feeling, but get a dry, powder feeling surface instead.
  3. Smell
    Top quality memory foam should be no odor no smell. Some manufacturers use a low end formula, or just use prohibited ingredients, which ended up with an unpleasant odor. The odor will be dissipated in the open air, until human nose can’t figure out. Actually the distribution is still existed, which is the potential harm to users’ health. The memory foam product from Dremflavor used new tech and formula, no smell even during the production, no potential harm. Dremflavor is going to update the technical and production skill—CFC. It is the best and environmental foam production technology. Some sellers even claim in the product page that if the product is no odor, it is not real memory foam. This is the biggest misleading of memory foam. They are not only will lost the confidence from customers, but also give themselves an excuse for law quality product.

Aboves are 3 methods to identify memory foam product quality. Dremflavor is also willing to share other 2 methods: 1. Put the foam into a refrigerator to check it whether get frozen. If it is frozen, it is not good quality. 2. Exposed under sunshine for a few days, if it is got aging, hard, or powdering, it is not a good memory foam product, too.