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How To Relieve Lower Back Pain

Nowadays, lower back pain is a common topic for discussion. More and more people suffer from back pain due to their work or lifestyle. Here we are going to talk about how to relieve lower back pain.


In this article, you can learn this information:

Data on lower back pain

What causes low back pain?

How to relieve lower back pain

The advantages of the lumbar cushion

The disadvantages of the lumbar cushion

How to choose the right lumbar cushion?


Data on Lower back pain

From 1990 to 2015, the proportion of patients with lower back pain has increased by 54% in all around the world. Therefore, many people suffer from pain and trouble in their daily life. In the United States, there are about 5.4 million people have lower back pain due to spinal disease every year. In the United Kingdom, up to 627 days per year was unable to work for every 1000 men. It’s about 347 days per year for every 1000 female.


In 2010, the incidence rate of back pain in Eastern Europe was 15% which is the highest rate. The second one was South Africa and the Middle East. The lowest incidence rate which is 6.5% was in the Caribbean.


In Asia, Africa and the Middle East, the increase of incidence rate is more than the US and the UK. According to the data shows, more and more young people suffer from this pain in recent years. More than 40% of those under 40 years old have the lumbar vertebrae disease. In the clinic, lumbar back pain becomes a common disease which ranks only second to the colds.


What causes lumbar back pain?

When we sit down, the intervertebral disc suffers from a stress which is three times the weight of a body. During the driving time, people keep a sitting posture in a long time. The longer time we sit, the more stress on the intervertebral disc. In the beginning, the blood toils through blood vessels and lactic acid increase. If we don’t pay attention to it, the spine will be compressed, causing lumbar muscle strain and lumbar spine disease.


According to data shows, here are the common reasons caused back pain.

Psychological factors

Young people are more likely to have lower back pain from livelihood and work stress. Due to the stress and emotional tension associated with work and workplace relationships, workers are easy to have low back pain. Psychological tension and restlessness can easily lead to the continuous excitation of the sympathetic nerve. If they keep their mind tense, the autonomic nervous system is prone to break down, and more likely to lead to prolonged beck pain.


sit for a long timeSit for a long time

The stretchability of the waist ligaments is weakened. Then the lactic acid can accumulate in your muscles. Inhibit the normal metabolism of the lumbar muscle. As a result, it can also lead to the lumbar muscle strain.



catch a coldCatch A Cold

If a waist catches a cold for a long time, the blood vessels will contract. It will affect the local blood circulation, causing lumbar back pain.




Incorrect dietIncorrect components of the diet

The diet of patients with lumbar pain is poor protein intake. Lack of calcium and mucopolysaccharide can also lead to lower back pain




high-intensity exerciseHigh-intensity exercise

For example, lifting weights and extreme sports, high-intensity exercise is high-risk factors for low back pain.





How to relieve lower back pain

In our daily life, we should learn some skills to relieve lower back pain.

Keep Warm

After cold stimulation, muscles in waist develop protective spasms which will lead to lumbar pain. Some girls prefer to wear the outfit that shows their waist. It’s more likely to have lower back pain. To protect our lumbar back, please keep warm.


Lie Down

You are comfortable while you lie down in a soft mattress or sofa. But the pressure on the waist is imbalanced, causing lower back pain. Lay down on a hard bed is more helpful to your lumbar back.


Sit Less

Don’t sit too much. Do some exercises or walk freely after sitting an hour. If you are a driver or office worker who have to sit for a long time, buy a lumbar pillow. Keep your lumbar close to the chair or car seat. Make sure your waist can enjoy proper support.



Try to avoid bending down. Don’t pick up anything heavy as possible as you can.



Don’t dietary bias. A bad diet with poor protein and vitamin C intake will lead to back pain. Milk, seaweed, egg, vegetable, fruit and bean products are the best choice for a healthy diet.


Here is a photo explain that how much stress do our spine suffer in the different posture.

low back painWhen we sit up straight in the chair, the pressure on the lumbar is about 150% of our body weight. Naturally, we will lean forward. At the moment, the stress is about 180% of our body weight. The worse situation is that we bend forward. The spinal pressure will increase greatly.


Obviously, the most comfortable posture is laying. But we can not do that when we are working in the office or driving in the car.

Driving in the expressway, It’s a long distance between two service zone or highway exit. Drivers and passengers have to sit on the car seat for a long time.

Working in the office, people focus on their things and forget to relax in time. Mostly, their sitting posture will become incorrect.

For those people who have to stick to their seat, how do they do to prevent back pain? Lean back! Better have a lumbar cushion!

As an experienced manufacturer of memory foam products, JYM insists on providing healthy products for our customers. To find a way to relieve lower back pain, we create over 20 kinds of lumbar cushion. The lumbar cushion is a good choice for people who have to sit for a long time.

In the following, we will share this information with you.

The advantages of the lumbar cushion

The disadvantages of the lumbar cushion

How to choose a perfect lumbar cushion


The advantages of the lumbar cushion


As we all know, the main function of lumbar support cushion is to support our waist. The cushion conforms to the human waist curve, so as to reduce the space between the waist and the seat.


Maintain good posture

While we are sitting in a car seat or office chair, our posture will be incorrect if we focus on what we do. At first, we sit straight. The posture is right and the lumbar suffer from less pressure. But as time goes by, we change the sitting posture subconsciously. We lean forward or bend forward. The lumbar is crooked which can lead to lumbar muscle strain.

Sit with a lumbar cushion, you can lean on the ergonomic shape cushion and maintain a good posture.


Relive the pressure

There are 5 lumbar vertebrae in the normal human body. Naturally, they do not grow in a straight line, but they protrude forward from the middle. From the side, the lumbar spine looks like a small hill with a gentle slope. Due to this physiology characteristic, the lumbar and back cannot be placed on the same plane.

Without a soft cushion or pillow, we press our lumbar and back directly on the seat. There is a pressure point between our body and the seat. The area of contact is small, so we suffer from more pressure.

With a soft memory foam lumbar cushion, the pressure point is gone.


The disadvantages of the lumbar cushion

The main problem of the lumbar cushion is that you do not sit at the bottom of the seat when you are driving. It is quite comfortable when there is no emergency situation. However, when there is a dangerous situation, like emergency braking, your buttock will move backward. It may easily lead to the injury.

To reduce security risks in the emergency situation, we should not choose the following cushion.

massage lumbar cushion

Hard Cushion

It’s more dangerous than the soft lumbar support cushion. In fact, it pushes your body from the car seat which can surround you. The main function of the car seat and safety belt is to secure you in a relatively safe space. But the users with the hard lumbar cushion lose the protection from their left and right side. When the emergency situation occurs, the car seat and safety belt cannot protect you well as expected.

Also, the cushion with a massage device inside is more dangerous.


Mesh Lumbar Support

The most dangerous is that it will move your body. The same as above, the car seat and safety belt can not fasten you in place. Due to the smooth character of its material, the mesh lumbar support may allow you to move back and forth. Being thrown out of a car is not a thing to be proud of. Don’t you want to stay in a safe place when the danger comes?


How to choose the right lumbar cushion?

According to an authoritative survey, the best angle for reading is 101 degree to 104 degrees. The best for lounge chair is 105 degree to 108 degrees. The range of 100° to 110° is comfortable for the driver to relieve lower back pain.

Actually, there are many different kinds of lumbar cushions on the market. We should know which one is suitable for us.

memory foam lower back cushion

Filling Material

A good lumbar cushion is soft and comfortable. Also, rebound characteristic and the strength of support are the essential standards. The common material is down feather, sponge, cotton, PP cotton, latex, etc. But memory foam is the most popular one. The slow rebound characteristic is one of the reasons why many people choose it. When people lean on the memory foam back cushion, the cushion can conform to the human curve. Provide proper support and keep a good sitting posture. The cushion made of other material can not do that.



The cloth should be skin-friendly. Cadmium(Cd), Lead(Pb), AZO free are necessary. Pay attention to the cloth which may hair-slip or pill, especially the cheap velvet fabric.

In my opinion, polyester fabric with mesh hole is breathable. It won’t raise your temperatures like cotton or velvet fabric.



Without a lumbar cushion, a petite female driver may not lean on anything when she is in a big car seat. The cushion she needs is a thick one. To fill the gaps between her body and car seat. The strong driver may need a soft cushion with strong support. Don’t be drawn into a nice looking and unique shape. The function is more important than the appearance.


The strength of support

The memory foam cushion that is too hard or too soft can not make us comfortable. Choose a middle one.

Some cushion will be flat soon. The strength of support gets lose day by day. At last, you can feel nothing at all. In order to avoid this situation, choose a high-density memory foam cushion.



If there is an adjustable strap which can fasten the lumbar back support cushion in the seat, it’s better. The strap can keep the cushion in its place so as to improve the safety factor. You don’t need to place the cushion to the correct place when you come back to the chair or car seat.


In conclusion, to relieve lower back pain, we should pay attention to our physical and mental health. Keep warm. Relax in time. Sit less. Maintain a healthy diet. But for people who have to sit for a long time, it’s better to have a memory foam lumbar cushion.



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