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2019 New Design Removable Washable Baby Pillow

In this article, you can learn more about the Removable Washable Baby Pillow.


Recently, JYM’s Product Development Team improved the memory foam baby pillow (SKU: JYM013). This pillow has been popular among consumers and dealers for its excellent design and high cost-effectiveness. But after using it for a while, the outer cover will get dirty. Due to the inner memory foam and outer cover can’t be separated, it’s difficult for mothers to clean the pillow.

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After many times of thinking and discussion, the team of JYM Pillow got an effective solution. Add a removable cover to the original pillow. Soft and breathable velvet fabric. Fixed with two elastic rubber straps. The addition of removable cover prevents the pillow from getting dirty. Mothers can clean and disinfect the cover as needed.

Removable Washable Baby Pillow

Pillows are a great source of bacteria and mites. Babies and toddlers often spit and sweat so that their pillows are vulnerable to contamination. Therefore, moms should choose the pillow with strong antibacterial force. Also, they should clean regularly and bask in the sun.


Sweat is an important way to regulate the body’s temperature


The amount of sweat secreted by sweat glands is related to the development of sweat glands and the level of autonomic nervous excitability of the body. The baby is in the period of rapid growth, their metabolization is exuberant. They sweat more than adults. It is a normal physiological phenomenon. As they fall asleep their sympathetic nerve is still in excited condition, causing perspire. After entering deep sleep phase, the sympathetic nerve is inhibited. After midnight, perspire amount decreases gradually. It is a normal physiology phenomenon.


When sleeping, sweat makes the pillow wet easily. Sweat and dandruff are mixed, breeding some pathogenic microorganisms and mites. These allergy sources adhere to the pillow surface. They not only send out stink but also cause bronchial asthma easily and infectious skin disease.


Mites have a great effect on babies


Direct harm:

Cause a variety of allergic phenomena and skin diseases


Mites are microscopic pests that are hard to see. When the environment gets warmer, these little mites start making waves. Mites not only bite but also cause disease. Mites’ carcasses, secretions, and excretions are allergens. After these allergens enter the body’s respiratory tract or contact with the skin, erythema appears and pores become larger. Rough skin, sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, cough, asthma, and other symptoms have come. According to the world health organization, more than 90% of allergic diseases in infants and children are caused by mites. According to the national centre for disease control and prevention, more than 70% of infantile infectious diseases are related to mites. Infants and children with low immune capacity are extremely vulnerable to mites and cause a variety of diseases. Infants exposed to dust mites within one year of birth may be allergic for their life.


The main reason for baby’s mite allergy is that they are not well developed and their resistance is weak. The respiratory tract is delicate and cannot bear the stimulation of allergic substances, especially mites, which are strongly allergic substances. Therefore, allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma will occur. In addition, the baby’s skin is also very delicate. In contact with mites, the allergen is easy to cause allergic dermatitis or urticaria and other skin diseases.


Indirect harm:

Physical and mental harm to children


The main symptoms of allergic rhinitis are the stuffy nose, itchy nose, runny nose and sneezing. Symptoms of allergic asthma are asthma, chest tightness, cough and sudden asphyxia. The common consequence of these symptoms is a lack of breathing. As children grow, their brains and bodies need a lot of oxygen. Children with allergic rhinitis or allergic asthma have trouble breathing. As a result, they cannot get enough oxygen, which hinders the development of the brain and body. It does serious harm to the child’s body and intelligence.


Removable Washable Baby Pillow Is Best Choice

Therefore, the baby pillowcase should wash and clean regularly. Also, We should choose the skin-friendly fabric with strong hygroscopicity, like velvet, bamboo, cotton, modal, etc.


JYM’s Baby Pillows are made of velvet and Modal Fabric. The inner core is no odour space memory foam with slow rebound. They have been recognized by consumers and dealers. In the future, we will try more high-quality materials, constantly improve products’ design and quality. In order to meet the requirements of consumers and dealers.

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