Reorder Memory Foam Travel Pillow

A Canadian Client Reorders Travel Pillow From Us

At the beginning of November, a Canadian client reorders travel pillow from us. The buyer is a purchase manager of a supermarket in Canada. We have cooperated 7 times including this purchase order.


Order Requirement

The pillow they want is a common memory foam travel pillow.

Quantity: 3000 pieces

Pillow Dimension: 28*28*10(cm) / 11*11*4(inch)

Foam Weight: 220g

Filling Foam: Low-Temperature Resistance No Odor Memory Foam

Pillowcase Material: Soft Velvet

Color: Blue, light blue, red, brown, purple, pink, dark, etc.

Embroidery Pattern: 3 different pattern

Packaging: Transparent opp self-stick bag

Custom Card: Letter of thanks with their own design

Carton Size: 76*55*63cm (35 pieces per carton)

Lead Time: 20 days

Shipment: Send the items to their forwarder in Guangzhou


Some Photos In Packing Department

blue travel pillow reorders travel pillow

travel pillow packaging travel pillow with embroidery pattern

In order to protect the business secret, we should cover the Embroidery Pattern of the travel pillow.


How Do We Start Our Business Relationship

As early as the year before last, they sourced and selected suppliers on the Internet. Therefore, we have the opportunity to be one of their candidates.

As we know, they purchased 8 samples from different suppliers for quality testing. The main reason why they choose us is that our memory foam keeps slow rebound in the cold winter. Even though the travel pillows are promotional gifts, the quality cannot be ignored. JYM applies advanced CFC technology into our foaming production line. So, the characteristic of low-temperature resistance is outstanding.

Until now, we keep a good relationship with each other. He reorders travel pillow before their promotional events.

By the way, they placed a trial order for our newest portable travel pillow. Due to the good appearance and roll-up design, the pillows attract our clients’ interest.

portable travel pillowroll-up travel pillow


If you are looking for a memory foam products supplier, welcome to request a sample from us.

Our sales manager will contact you in 24 hours.

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