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How Often Should You Replace Memory Foam Pillows

As you know, it is necessary to keep your pillows clean. But washing pillowcases is not enough. As a result of long-time use, the grease from human skin, the gas we exhale, shedding hair, dander and all sorts of material can be able to enter the pillow filling. Moreover, the memory foam pillow core can be out of shape because of long-term use. Therefore, it is necessary to replace memory foam pillows regularly.

Replace Memory Foam Pillows

Why Should You Change Your Memory Foam Pillow?

If you do not change pillow for a long time, your health will suffer from these hazards.

  1. Facial Skin Problems

While sleeping, facial skin and pillow have a long-time contact directly. The sundries, bacteria and other harmful substances in the pillow can adhere to the face. It is extremely easy to cause facial infection, resulting in acne and other facial skin problems.

  1. Respiratory Disease

When we breathe, harmful substances in the pillow will enter the respiratory tract and lungs. If the pillow is not changed for a long time, the air mixed with bacteria will easily lead to respiratory diseases.

  1. Cervical Spine Problems

The pillow is seriously deformed and the pillow surface will be uneven after a long time. So, Sleeping on such a pillow will easily lead to neck discomfort and induce various cervical spine diseases.

How Often should you change pillows

Obviously, to change pillow regularly is very essential. It’s responsible for our health.


As a memory foam pillow manufacturers, we will share the reasonable replacement time of memory foam pillow.


When Should You Replace Memory Foam Pillows?

  1. In the absence of any other physical illness, You feel numbness and swelling in the neck after waking up.
  2. It has lost its elasticity and needs to be patted to rebound to its original shape.
  3. It quickly returns to flatness after adjusting it.
  4. There is caking and peculiar smell.


Many people replace memory foam pillows every 4 years, but the pillow should be changed every 1 to 3 years.


General memory foam pillow has 5 years of service time which basically won’t be out of shape. But after using a long time, pillow breeds mold, mite easily, cause allergy or respiratory tract disease. Actually, it’s appropriate to replace your memory foam pillow every 1~3 years.

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It is recommended to buy a memory foam pillow with a lining. Therefore, It’s better to protect the memory foam core.






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