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How Do We Manufacture Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

In recent days, JYM is preparing an order for our client. We should manufacture 3000 pieces of shredded memory foam pillow and deliver the goods in 20 days. It’s a very short lead time for 3000 pieces of the pillow.


Here is a part of our packaging department.

Let’s have a look at some photos of the production process.

shredded memory foam pillow wholesale shredded memory foam pillow

We have multitasking skills in order to improve production efficiency and reduce the production time.


In the sewing department, tailors are sewing the pillowcase including the outer cover and inner cover.

In the foaming department, workers are shredding the memory foam with the crushing machine.

bamboo pillowcase

While the pillowcase and shredded memory foam are completed a certain amount, they will be sent to our packaging department. The workers in the packaging department start to pack the shredded memory foam into the pillowcase.


Here is the finished shredded memory foam pillow.

amazonn shredded memory foam pillow shredded memory foam pillow bamboo

You can see the printed label on the pillowcase.

Inner Cover: 100% Polyester fabric with zipper

Outer Cover: 280g, 40% Bamboo + 60% Polyester Fabric

Filling Material: 1600g, High-Quality Shredded Memory Foam


Both of inner cover and outer cover have the invisible zipper. Customers can unzip it and check the quality of shredded memory foam. The main function of the zipper is that people can fill the shredded memory foam in and out. They can customize the height of the pillow to meet their requirement. Therefore, the pillow can get more people’s satisfaction.


Here is the introduction of JYM’s shredded memory foam.

shredded memory foam fill



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We will be happy to hear your thoughts about the shredded memory foam pillow.

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