International Sleep Exhibition

2018 International Sleep Exhibition Review

2018 International Sleep Exhibition Review

On October 12-14, JYM Pillow attended 2018 China International Sleeping Industry Expo. China Sleep Research Society sponsored The International Sleep Exhibition which is a professional and authoritative fair.

In the exhibition, there are many excellent products, including mattress, bed pillow, sleep monitoring products, sleep wearable products, etc.


JYM show customers the hot-sale products which are designed and manufactured by ourselves. Our main products are bed pillow, baby pillow, travel pillow, knee pillow, seat cushion, car neck pillow, and the lumbar cushion.


Our booth is B29 which is in the center of the exhibition. Due to our products are attractive, many customers are willing to come and experience our products.

sleep event sleep events

During the show, more than 500 customers came into our booth and took away 300 pieces of JYM’s leaflets. Some customers who are very interested in our memory foam products leave their contact information.


Most of the customers are satisfied with our quality, especially the softness and comfort level. Several guests came from Harbin, a city in the north of China. They are very surprised by the slow rebound characteristic. In the conversation, we learn that the memory foam products they came in contact with before are rebound fast. Also, the memory foam will become hard in the cold environment. Therefore, our sales manager explained the reason why JYM’s memory foam have slow rebound characteristic and low-temperature resistance.

sleep exhibition 2018 sleep exhibition

The newest travel pillows have catch customers’ eyes. Many exhibitors keep a watchful eye on the pillows when we are setting up the booth. During the exhibition, we received over 30 orders from the terminal consumers and professional dealers.


More Photos

cute boy 

A cute boy looks happy when he uses our memory foam travel pillow.


2018 sleep events sleep events 2018

A beautiful exhibitor put on our travel pillow and communicate with their guests.


sleeping events 

Also, memory foam bed pillows are popular in the show.



In the sleep exhibition, many customers and dealers learn more about JYM and no odor memory foam products. What’s more, we communicate actively with the experts in order to know the market trend. We will keep on improve ourselves and manufacture more healthy memory foam products.


Look forward to meeting you at the next exhibition!

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