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What Terrible Things Will Happen If You Wash Memory Foam?

Please note that you should not wash memory foam. Once the memory foam was watered, its structure will be damaged and its service time will be shortened.


But what happens if you wash memory foam?


Difficult To Remove Water

As we know, Memory foam has an open-cell structure. There are billions of cells with tiny air passages around them which can absorb water easily. But It’s difficult to get the water out of memory foam in a short time. After our experiment, it takes about 30 days to remove water from the memory foam.


Damage The Foams Structure

Even if we remove water from the memory foam, the water has damaged the foam’s cellular structure. First of all, memory foam is not as soft as before. The characteristic of slow rebound become weak or disappear. What’s more, it is easy to be out of shape.


The Most Terrible Thing

You have to spend money on a new memory foam pillow.


Wash Memory Foam Pillow


These are the reasons why you should not wash memory foam.


Some inferior memory foam pillows have a bad odor. To reduce the odor, you can remove the pillowcase and wash it. Put the memory foam in a ventilated place to let the odor move away, but don’t wash it. In the next article, we will share how to remove the odor on the memory foam pillow.


However, It’s better to buy premium quality memory foam pillow instead of unqualified ones. All of JYM’s memory foam products include a 100% cotton/polyester inner cloth which can protect the memory foam. With the protection, you don’t need to clean the memory foam at all.



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